Summer Photo for the Day

It was 31 degrees outside today.

At seven pm. SEVEN!

Which made this the saddest sight of the day on the walk home.

Wasted Opportunity

Farewell, brave little guys. Farewell.



Short blog post today, as I’m still battling a migraine. Just one day after hitting Inception with Motto and Kimmy. Coincidence?

Well, yes.

I’ve got a lot to say on the movie, but I’ll probably leave that for a weekend post. The Cliff notes: I enjoyed the vast majority of it. And it inspired me to write an idea that’s been sloshing around in the old decanter. That’s always a plus in my books.

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71 Express

Not in Service

Alright, let’s not fool ourselves. This is the first post in a couple months. I’m starting to see it kind of like a TV series: sometimes we have a season finale and then it’s reruns for a couple months.

Problem is, I’m totally not ready for sweeps.

Anyway, I’ve moved to Edmonton again. Working at CBC radio until September. Old friends. Old sights. New experiences. That sort of thing.

I’m working downtown for the first time. As such, I take bus or LRT to work every day. A couple weeks ago, I set myself a challenge – I wanted to write a short piece about the bus ride home. But, I had to have the first draft done before the ride was over.

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Worst Hitler’s Birthday Ever

It’s a pretty good bet that you’re reading this blog over the Internet. If not, then you’re using witchcraft. Doesn’t matter: if you’ve spent any time either online or engaging in congress with the Beast, you’ve surely come along the parody videos made using clips from the movie “Downfall.” Internet funnymen replace the subtitles during key scenes to make it seem like Hitler lost his NCAA bracket, or had his car stolen, or gets banned from X-Box Live.

Well, the film company that made Downfall has demanded that Youtube take down the videos. And Youtube agreed, cleaning out piles of them. Even the one or two of them that were actually funny.

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The eyes have it…

Okay, so, US Rep. Rep. Randy Neugebauer is from Texas. He doesn’t like heathcare. He doesn’t like healthcare so much, he shouted “Babykiller” at Michigan representative Bart Stupak during while Stupak was addressing Congress Sunday night.

So, then, Neugebaur apologized, right? No, that’s stupid. What Neugebaur did instead was turn the incident in to a fundraising drive. Of course, it’s not like that’s an original move.

No, an original move is trying to get the voters to open up your wallets by showcasing your creepy lizard wife.

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Pretty soon, they’ll want to vote, too…

So, Team Canada’s women hockey players celebrated their gold medal win with champagne, beer and cigars on the ice, after everyone else cleared out. That seems like a pretty tame celebration by Vancouver standards. Still, the photos caused some pearl-clutching south of the border and hit the headlines of almost every major news organization. And the IOC isn’t happy.

“If that’s the case, that is not good. It is not what we want to see,” he said. “I don’t think it’s a good promotion of sport values. If they celebrate in the changing room, that’s one thing, but not in public.”

Now, some people are a bit confused, wondering what the big deal is. So, I’ve compiled a helpful guide to clearly illustrate why this is such a problem.

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In the News, Media

Haiti: On Roads and Recovery

It’s been almost a month since the earthquake that hit Haiti threw that country into chaos. It’s natural to take a look back, take stock of the response to the disaster and what lessons are to be learned.

Some say that Haiti shows that we need an international relief agency that can coordinate these kinds of massive responses.

There must be a better way to coordinate international relief efforts when a natural disaster strikes, some lead agency to ensure the airport is open, the roads are clear and that medical supplies and food are distributed based on need. We need to establish mission control in advance — not to dictate rescue and recovery efforts, but to organize and keep track of them.

The talk about infrastructure was what really got me thinking.

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An Open Letter to Tony Caterina

Hey there Tony,

It has been a couple months since I’ve lived in Edmonton. Actually, I moved from the city shortly after the vote to close the City Centre Airport.

I know you remember that vote.

You see, despite the fact that I don’t live there anymore, I like keeping up on what’s going on back home. That’s how I know that you remember the airport vote. Because you keep bringing it up, Tony.

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Meet Rossy

My friend Ross needs a bio written for him because he’s…well….when Ross starts saying something, I usually tune out. Anyway, rest assured, he needs a bio.

Like any other project I work on, I thought the best way would be just to check on Wikipedia. But, nothing came up when I searched for “Ross Prusakowski.” So, I just clicked on the first link that Wikipedia recommended, and I changed a few things to make it fit:

In GATEWAY mythology, a ROSS PRUSAKOWSKI was a SNUGGLEBUM, water nymph, CUP DINOSAUR or mermaid-like ECONOMIST that dwelled in a UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA. ROSS was considered a being of evil force. The ghostly version is the soul of a young COOKIE who had died ON or near THE INTERNET (many of these ROSS PRUSAKOWSKI had been murdered by SPORTS EDITORS) and came to haunt NASH; this ROSS PRUSAKOWSKI is not invariably malevolent, and will be allowed to DRINK in peace if HIS PINT is DELIVERED SWIFTLY . In most versions, the ROSS PRUSAKOWSKI is an unquiet dead FIRE TRUCK.

You’re welcome, Ross. My invoice is in the mail.

Thank you, Scott!


Malcolm Gladwell Fumbles on the Goal line

Malcolm Gladwell’s article about football in the New Yorker is a thought-provoking piece – albeit one that had me throwing a couple orange flags.

The meat of the article is pretty solid – there’s an epidemic of dementia and other brain injuries among professional football players. The research that Gladwell is looking at shows that it isn’t the one-time hard hits that may be the most danger: it’s the constant knocks to the head that players take as part of the game.

But what could be a pretty straightforward article is sidelined by a misplaced hook. Gladwell likes a little sensationalism in his science. He asks that, with the dangers of football possibly inherent to the sport, how different is it from the damage done by dogfighting?

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